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[KU-254/2014] Historic Ambarawa Train Station to Reopen by Year’s End

SEMARANG: The Ambarawa Railway Museum in Central Java is the site of one of the first train stations in the archipelago built by the Dutch some 140 years ago.

After almost four decades of life as a museum-complete with a vintage engine that chugs along a preserved section of track-the historic location, which lies about 40 kilometers south of Semarang, Central Java, is set to be reopened as a train station by the end of 2014.

“We are currently in the process of land acquisition to reactivate the railway. Hopefully by the end of the year, the train station will begin to operate again,” the spokesman for state owned train operator PT KAI, told The Jakarta Post over the weekend.

When the station closed in 1976 and became a museum, people started to built ersatz homes along the railway tracks that run from Kedungjati to Tuntang in Central Java.

“We are now cooperating with the Transportation Ministry to revive the 36,7 kilometer track from Kedungjati to Tuntang. The ministry is in charge in repairing the railway, while KAI is paying for the compensation for the residents,” he said.

However, he said that 110 families living in Kedungjati district and 127 families in Tuntang district have agreed to relocate from the area.

Source : Jakarta Post, 26.08.14.

[Ringkasan Dalam Bahasa Indonesia]
Stasiun Ambarawa merupakan stasiun pertama (dulu bernama Stasiun Willem) yang dibangun pemerintahan Hindia Belanda 140 tahun lalu. Kini di lokasi tsb akan dibangun Museum Kereta Api Ambarawa. Bahkan PT KAI bekerjasama dengan Dirjen KA Kemenhub tengah merevitalisasi jalur KA Kedungjati ke area Tuntang. Semoga cepat maujud.

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